Safety Posters for Safer Workplace!

Many SMEs, MNCs have identified the need to improve the safety measures at workplace. It is extremely essential to make sure that every employee follows the highest safety standards to protect themselves and other employees from any workplace hazards.

The common measures used by companies to further educate employees about safety include visual management solution through safety posters. Effective display posters which create awareness through vivid, easy to understand illustrations about safety measures and practices or display phrases that communicate the importance of practising the best safety standards.

Installing Safety posters is considered to be very effective. They are thought of as constant reminder to the workers and even the visitors to the workplace areas that there are safety risks or possible hazards. Accidents can be avoided by practising the right safety measures.

Hence, workplace display posters can create a sense of safety consciousness in the workplace. It keeps employees from being careless or reckless while handling hazardous and dangerous objects/chemicals in the workplace. This is a right way to improve the safety culture in any workplace.

1. Covers employer in case of injuries

Safety posters don’t guarantee Zero accidents at any workplace. These accidents can happen as a result of negligence on the part of the employees.

In a case like this, the company will not be held responsible for the injuries suffered by the reckless employees because they have adhered to the rules mandating that display posters should be put up in the workplace.

As an organisation its their responsibility to make this information available and visible to the employees and it is the responsibility of the employees to carry out their duties in the workplace considering safety aspects.

2. Increase safety awareness amongst workers and visitors

Every employee must take safety concerns seriously. Putting up posters with safety slogans in the offices/factories will have a high level of safety awareness that will be pratised at work.

Employees who feel safe at a workplace are also happy and more loyal than those that don’t have this sense of security. Happily satisfied and careful workers results in more productive employees who take less sick days off work. This directly results into better productivity in business and sales

3. Reflects company’s commitment towards workplace safety

Use of safety posters determine a company’s attitude towards safety by observing their dedication and commitment to spreading the word about it. The effectiveness of these posters has been proven when it comes to communicating safety slogan/message in the workplace. Mindfully crafted and placed posters shows efforts and dedication towards workers safety. Safety posters must be placed so that one can see while entering and exiting the organisation’s premises. Implementation of these posters help in convincing the employees that the management puts them and their safety first.

4. Quick and efficient way to spread safety slogan

These posters must have safety slogans which are easy to understand for everyone. The most common and basic feature of these posters is vivid graphic and clear messages, conveyed in a bold and direct manner using simplified language.

Safety posters usually consists of :

  • Warnings about accidental hazards
  • Emergency steps to follow in case of an accident
  • Safety practices related to the operations within the workplace
  • Any information that are useful to the employees who frequent visit the workplace.

These posters alerts workers while they are carrying out their daily responsibilities and duties. As every worker is aware of the worst hazard that can happen and they know how to prevent them from happening.

5. Motivate the employees

Use of such posters in a workplace will encourage and promote safety consciousness amongst employees to practice safety precautions in the workplace for their and their co-worker’s safety. This will unite employees and lets them to look out for the safety of every team member whilst at work.

6. Cost reduction due to lesser work accident claims

Hospital bills due to workplace injuries cut off drastically after implementing safety posters in an organisation as workers are being educated to avoid safety hazards.

7. Prevent accidents

Precaution is always better than expensive cure. It is always recommended to keep aside budgets for workplace safety posters than dealing with the adverse effects of an accident.

These posters also time saving as most of the companies spend time in organising daily meetings to intimate the employees about these safety procedures and practices. Such posters are always available for workers to refer to safety slogans.

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