Safety at Workplace Is a Serious Topic

Employer or management is responsible for providing safe workplace and make workplace safe and secure to work. Workplace accidents are costly as it may hurt employees and can be fatal.
One can religiously look at the situation and implement the measures to prevent accidents. Following points will help you to plan for the safety.

1. Survey your workplace, identify the pinch points, and know the areas where the risk of accident is more.

2. “Only the wearer knows, where the shoe pinches”, worker who actually works at the shop floor are well aware of the hazards and the risk situation. They can help you knowing the potential risk areas.

3. Educate workers about the safe work practices, provide them with all the protective equipments.

4. Encourage and motivate employees to report hazards, accidents to the supervisor immediately.

5. Respond and resolve concerns of the employees.

6. Implement visual management – Workplace safety posters, Safety signs & Area identification boards are a silent and continuous guide to remind of safety.

Kaizen India has wide range of Industrial safety posters covering important safety topics to educate employees & workers.

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