Motorcycle safety awareness

Fatal accidents with motorcycles are increasing, while use of helmet is falling down the graph so all motorists need to know how to anticipate and respond to motorcyclists to avoid fatal accidents.

Share is Caring:

Motorcycle Safety Awareness aims to encourage all drivers and motorcyclists to understand “Sharing is Caring”. This awareness can be created with the help of best quality road safety posters and signages. Wearing a helmet is one of the most important way by which a motorcyclist can stay safe, but we all play a part. Making road safer can be achieved only by motorists and motorcyclists. I think motorists have a greater responsibility to understand safety challenges for themselves for example, motorcycle size and road visibility, along with riding practices which includes downshifting and weaving while anticipating and responding to fellow motorcyclists. Reducing number of fatal accidents and the death toll is a collaborative responsibility from all road users which will promote safe riding practices for everyone.. Raising motorists’ awareness is very important and beneficial to both drivers and riders when it comes to road safety.

General Tips for Drivers:

Most of the research and state-level data constantly indicates that motorists as are at-fault in over half of all multi-vehicle motorcycle-involved accidents with people behind the wheels of passenger vehicles distracted more than 50 percent of the time. Remember:

  • A motorcycle being a small vehicle, should not be restricted about its operator’s rights of the road as any other motorist. One must allow the motorcycle the full width of a lane at all times to follow road safety.
  • One must always signal while changing lanes or merging with traffic.
  • If you see a motorcycle signalling, one must be careful because motorcycle signals are often non-canceling and could have been forgotten. Always ensure that the motorcycle is turning before proceeding.
  • All drivers and riders should check all mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes or merging with traffic, especially at crossing.
  • One should avoid any kind of distractions or impairment while driving.

Tips for Motorcyclists:

Precautions must be taken by every motorcyclist to be safe on the road. One must always not to mix alcohol and riding together.

The following steps can improve and ensure motorcyclists’ safety:

  • Always buy and wear a DOT-compliant helmet and other protective gear.
  • One must obey all traffic laws at all times and carry valid licence.
  • Ensure use hand and turn signals while changing lanes or turning.
  • Bright coloured clothes and reflective tape help motorcyclists to increase visibility and reduces risks of road accidents.
  • Always prefer to ride in the middle of the lane to increase visibility to drivers.
  • Avoid any distractions or impairment at all times while on the road.

These basic safety rules can certainly help prevent crashes. Key to road safety is “Share the responsibility of keeping our roads safe—always share the road”.

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