Let’s Celebrate National Safety Week -2019

In India, The National Safety Week Campaign is celebrated every year to enhance the safety awareness amongst all types of industrial professionals. It is a nation wide movement which is carried out every year. This event is organised in order to prevent and reduce various types of losses. This is possible by availing them health and safety measures.

It is celebrated to spread awareness on how to stop industrial accidents by organising various safety programs in the public sectors. During this entire week campaign, varieties of specific activities are demonstrated to the people as per the safety requirements.


National Safety Week is an entire weeklong safety campaign carried out from 4th of March to the 10th of March in 2019.


It is celebrated by uniting together the governmental and non-governmental organisations including the health organisations and industrial personnels. Kaizen India has designed promotional materials and utilities such as badge, helmet stickers, banners, flags, caps, safety pocket guide printed with HSE slogans and messages. The main objective is to ensure that quality materials which should reflect the national health, safety and environmental issues.

In order to organise this campaign, a national level and safe governmental support is given to the members. The campaign is well planned and marketed to be highly visible amongst maximum people. The event is broadcasted through the efficient use of an electronic media journals, newspapers and other industrial magazines. The social media platforms are a great in this activity.

During this safety week many activities such as seminars, debates, poster of safety messages and slogans distribution, essay competitions, safety awards distribution, banner exhibition, play of drama and songs, training programs, workshops, display of films over HSE issues are held during the campaign celebration. Safety Pledge event is conducted by the organizational employees.

Safety activities based training sessions are held for the industrial personnels like safety officers, safety managers on various topics to carry out their responsibilities efficiently and safely. During these training sessions they are trained on how to carry out testing and examination of pressure vessels, lifting machines, chemical and electrical safety, risk handling and assessment, fire control, first aid knowledge and etc.


  • National Safety Week is celebrated at a national level to aware people about safety on various health and environmental topics.
  • It is observed to achieve maximum public participation to play the major safety roles in their different industrial sectors.
  • Through this campaign celebration, participative approach by the owners of the company is expected to promote safety, health and environmental activities for their employees.
  • Work place safety is promoted to a great level by reminding the employers and employees including other staffs of their legal responsibilities.
  • To achieve developing and strengthening the HSE activities among people at the workplaces.
  • Serve the society with preventive culture and scientific state of mind by organising a safety approach.


  • National Safety week theme of 2017 was “Keep Each Other Safe”.
  • National Safety week theme of 2016 was “STRENGTHEN SAFETY MOVEMENT TO ACHIEVE ZERO HARM”.
  • National Safety week theme of 2015 was “Build a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain”.
  • National Safety week theme of 2014 was “Manage stress at Workplace and Control Hazards” and “Safety: It Takes All of Us”.

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