Know the Significance of Signages – safety signs, signages

One of the biggest challenge in managing safety at workplace and the dangerous areas is to communicate information. It is very essential that everyone should aware of safe practices and the location of high risk areas. Safety sign i.e. signage is one of the best tool in passing that information to the workers. Each signs has its different meaning. They are specifically designed for indicating messages.

The main objective is to indicate potential danger and the precautionary measures by the means of signages.  These signs are usually found near the area where danger or risk is nearby.

There are some major types of signages which are most common all over the world.

  1. Prohibition signs – Prohibition signs often used to indicate that one must do/ not do a particular action in that area. These signs are indicated in red and black combination where the action is depicted in black color.
  2. Mandatory signs – Mandatory signs are usually guidelines or instructions which show what to do at specific areas. For e.g. at construction one should wear hard hats.
  3. Caution signs – Caution signs always represented in yellow color which shows something danger object or process is ahead. Please be cautious.
  4. Fire Signs – Fire signs are mostly related with fire safety and fire equipments; they show the location of fire extinguisher and other equipments.
  5. Emergency signs – Emergency signs are helpful at the time of emergency situation. It includes emergency exit signs, Assembly points, directional arrows etc.

Displaying these signages at the designated place in your workplace will help you to inculcate safe culture at your workplace.

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