Keypoints Every Chemical Safety Worker Should Follow!

  • One should never mix chemicals together. This could result into fire, explosion, or release of dangerous gas.
  • Chemical safety posters must be installed in industries to create an awareness on safe handling of hazardous chemicals.
  • Most of the chemicals used in industries/factories and labs are harmful hence must never be swallowed or touched with bare hands as it can injure skin and eyes.
  • Always keep chemicals out of reach of children.
  • One must store chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place at all times.
  • Chemicals must always be kept in their original containers for safety.
  • Chemical containers must never be stored next to any heat source or open flame.
  • Always add the chemicals to the water but never the water to the chemicals.
  • One must always follow label instructions for any chemical spills to avoid accidental emergencies.
  • First aid instructions for all the chemicals should be communicated to all workers. This can be done with the help of chemical safety posters and chemical safety signs. Keep emergency medical and poison control numbers handy. Don’t smoke and handle chemicals. Some of the fumes are explosive.
  • Keep concentrated chemicals away from lawn and plantings.
  • One must always ensure containers are tightly resealed immediately after use.
  • Workers should always wear the proper protective equipment PPE (rubber gloves, safety goggles, etc.) when handling chemicals. PPE posters can be implemented in a factory or a lab where chemicals are being used.

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