Is an Effective Display at Workplace, A Best Solution to Create Safety Awareness??

Need of Safety at engineering companies

Every industry is facing challenges towards growth and sustainability. In addition to these parameters “Safety” is also considered as a critical performance indicator in the industry because of the compliance requirements stated by the Governments and also as a part of social responsibility of any company. Let’s understand what is expected from every company and what are the challenges and limitations are faced by an individual company to comply to such safety related expectations.

Expected responsibility of the company with regards to safety :

As per the various International standards on safety, it is expected that the factory workplace should be such where there is no possibility of any accident even if the workman does mistake. The example for this concept is the latest technology elevators. Earlier in nineties, we used to use the elevators with collapsible gates and there used to be chances of accidents as there was a possibility that the person from inside might take his hand outside when the elevator is in operation. This possibility of getting hurt is called potential hazard. This hazard has been eliminated by introducing the elevators with door sensors where there is no possibility of accident due to the same reason as the door will never get closed if the sensor senses anything in between 2 doors. This way the safety was promoted and hazard was completely eliminated from the process. It is expected that every Engineering process should have such controls where there is no possibility of accident even if the workman makes mistake.

Limitations & challenges faced by every Engineering company :

Considering the requirement of keeping the workplace and overall premises safe where there are no chances of injuries/accidents even if the operator/workman makes anything wrong as a part of mistake. Creating such workplace is many times not possible due to number of constraints with regards to investment in new technology, space constraint or may be process limitation. In such cases, companies become helpless and work on creating awareness on safety hazards and safe practices. Developing such awareness among workmen is a difficult task. Low level of awareness on safety leads to injuries and accidents, sometimes even fatality.    

How to create awareness on safety among workmen??

There are 2 methods of creating awareness.

      1. Training & Monitoring

First method is through rigorous training on safety hazards and safe working practices. There has to be a training calendar covering all safety topics and all the concerned members. In this case there needs to be a good budget for frequent training’s and also the control on attrition i.e. reduction in number of people leaving the company. Also the effectiveness of the training is limited as the awareness is created only during the training hours and after that it depends on the grasping of the person and his/her mindset to follow safety practices. In few cases, the language of imparting training also becomes a hurdle. i.e. if the training given in local language is noted to be more effective than training given in English.

      2.  Visual management at the workplace

Visual management at the workplace is noted to be very effective technique towards creating safety awareness among workmen.  It is considered that “One display is worth million words” and it creates a great impact on mind. It is said that “Visual memory is 60,000 times faster than auditory memory” and “65% of the population are visual learners”.

Hence effective displays at workplace creates good awareness and helps changing the mindset of the individual workman.

The displays at the shop floor can be Safety Posters, Safety Signs, Policies, Instructions, Safety slogans and even the identification boards.

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