How to Create an Ideal Workplace at Manufacturing Industry??

What is a manufacturing industry??

A manufacturing industry is a place where raw material is processed to produce finished goods to achieve compensation for the value addition being done on the raw material. The example can be a Cake manufactured by using raw material such as floor, butter, sugar and other ingredients. All manufacturing industries produce different products using various types of raw materials and various kinds of processes. While processing, there are multiple resources such as machines, man-power, electricity are used for processing.

The challenges faced by manufacturing industry

For the survival & growth of any industry, the awareness on basic industrial parameters such as Safety, Quality & Productivity at all levels is essential. Many industries are struggling for survival not only because of less demand of their products but mainly because of poor productivity & quality performance. There are many parameters affecting the performance with regards to quality, productivity & safety. Out of all such parameters, the main parameter is the mindset of the team members working at different levels with the company.

An Ideal workplace can change the mindset.

It is proven that the surroundings help to change the mindset of the human being. E.g. the same person behaves differently at airport and at railway station. He is observed to be more disciplined and polite at the airport. This difference is noted just because ‘of the difference in the ambience at the 2 places. The same concept is applicable at the workplace. If the workplace at the industry is communicating information, process protocols, safety instructions etc., then the level of awareness is noted to be increased which results into better attentiveness and systematic working. At the industry, workplace may not be posh but it has to be a knowledge offering place.

The basic things for an Ideal workplace

The performance with regards to Quality, Productivity & Safety is expected to be the best at every individual company. To achieve this, Visual Management is recognized to be an effective technique which creates awareness by means of posters, signs, work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), area identification boards, material identification boards, informative boards, performance white boards, compliance boards etc. All these displays pass on the correct information to individuals 24 hrs a day. Such displays at the workplace make the workman understand the expectations with regards to the work and also offer him the guidance to produce better results in terms of quality, productivity and safety.

Many international techniques such as 5S, Lean management, Kaizen, Poka yoke, Kanban, 6 Sigma, TQM, TPM, Gemba etc. always emphasize on an effective workplace. The positive effects of the visual management technique is experienced by the whole world. Many industries including MNCs, SMEs are implementing Visual management in the best possible manner. This is a continuous process of improvement and needs an in-depth thinking for selection of the appropriate displays, their sizes and location of display.

Visualmitra is executing Visual Management Projects at many places including industries and also the commercial establishments. Visualmitra has completed 100+ projects and the feedback from the clients is very inspiring. The main motto of this project to create an inspiring work culture which supports the overall business performance and sustainability of the company.

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