How Lean manufacturing can be supported by means of Intelligent Informative Boards??

The informative boards visual management display is usually critical to the lean enterprises. Various types of informative boards such as scoreboards, the production control charts or the team communication boards, the visual management displays always keep the vital information and knowledge flowing between the management and the employees, and also between the individuals and the departments. They open the communication path and the information sharing it within a lean enterprise.

Some examples of the Lean Visual applications include:

Storyboard Goal-setting as well as the performance tracking

These visual displays or info boards shows employees whatever is expected out of them as well as how they are going to perform against such goals. The display boards play an important role in success as they show the trends in the key performance indicators, that too in real time.

Scheduling and the production control

Most of the “WH”questions such as  “who,” “what,”, “when” arise are usually best addressed using these display boards which communicates about schedules, due dates, work orders, etc. All the company staff members must have smooth access to visual management boards so that they may quickly determine what are the things that they should do next; it helps reducing time waste in searching, waiting and asking for the verbal instructions as well as supervision.

Storyboard Idea sharing and the team communication

The Kaizen improvements usually achieve the best results if they are performed as a team-based task; the communication boards serve an instrumental role to get everyone involved in sharing the ideas, in evaluating the root causes and also brainstorming the recovery measures.

The visual displays can also be beneficial for presenting the results and also recognising the achievements of the kaizen event team. Tracking informative boards and other visual management tools are very important for the multi-shift operations in which the groups hardly have the opportunity of meeting face-to-face.

Manufacturing these informative boards also play a really vital part in helping the company to measure some metrics. The continuous improvement is usually made visual and the staff workers/ employees in charge of all such info boards take all the pride and ownership about the results. There are different kinds of the custom printed informative boards ranging from the plain black and white grids till the full-blown visual performance boards with the company logos.

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Lean Display Boards

The informative or display boards are ideal for the visual management (the visual display as well as the visual control) for quite a wide range of the lean manufacturing environments. These display boards can either be fixed to the walls, as well as it is beneficial in the lean manufacturing backdrop to have the unsupported mobile display informative boards. This will allow information to be displayed as near to the point of use as possible, not just where some wall is. Kaizen India manufactured lean display boards can be made agile with the use of various materials or they might be fixed to the other equipment so that the information on it is available at the right place at the right time.

Kaizen India offers you the lean visual display boards which are amazingly quick to build, modify, add to or even dismantle in case they are needed no longer.


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