Electrical Safety Tips!

Following are some electrical safety tips which are most beneficial to the industrial workers, who are working in risky areas. Have a check!

  1. Use a checklist to make sure that everything is OK and safe before starting work.
  2. Inspect tools, equipment and electrical fittings for damage or wear prior to each use. Repair or replace damaged equipment immediately.
  3. Use cords or equipment that are rated for the level of amperage or wattage that you are using.
  4. Do not use outlets or cords that have exposed wiring. Do not use power tools with the guards removed.
  5. Remember that the risk of electric shock is greater in areas that are wet or damp. Take proper caution.
  6. Check power cords and plugs daily. Discard if worn or damaged.
  7. Replace broken 3-prong plugs and make sure the third prong is properly grounded.
  8. Never use extension cords as permanent wiring.
  9. Do not plug several power cords into one outlet.
  10. Do not disconnect power supplies by pulling or jerking the cords from the outlets.
  11. Always use the correct size fuse or breaker.
  12. Be aware that unusually warm or hot outlets may be a sign that unsafe wiring conditions exists.
  13. Use proper PPE for the electrical job. Always use ladders made of wood or other non-conductive materials when working with or near electricity or power lines.
  14. Keep equipment such as ladders, cranes, man-lifts, and scaffolds away from power lines and live electrical wires.

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