Do You Know What To Do If A Fire Breaks Out Suddenly????

Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips :-

  1. If fire is controllable then use fire extinguisher, if it is not controllable ask for help from fire fighter or fire brigade..
  2. Execute escape plan if fire breaks out. Immediately rush to emergency exit. Use auto glow stickers showing such exits, power cuts can be there due to fire.
  3. While escaping close door behind & rush towards emergency exit.
  4. Always keep emergency path clear, if emergency path is blocked by fire, be always ready with alternative path, here again posters can provide you guidance regarding to alternative exit.
  5. Fires are scary but never hide go outside if fire breaks out. Be aware of those that may need assistance. While going out crawl on floor, it is easier to breath in fire if you stay low
  6. Never throw water on if fire is caused by short circuit.
  7. Last but not the least, if fire catches you, move to open place, drop yourself on floor & start rolling until fire is out. Shout for help. In any case do not run.

As they say precaution is better than cure, of course the best way to be safe from fire is precaution that is to make sure fire doesn’t break out in first place. You should be always aware of potential hazard.

  1. Install fire safety protection at your workplace, smoke alarms are best early warning as well as installing fire extinguisher is must. Keep a fire extinguisher at every level including basement. Provide proper training for using Fire Extinguisher, proper posters should be displayed near fire extinguisher in reference to method of using Fire Extinguisher.
  1. Plan ahead for such situation. Familiarized yourself with emergency procedures. Discuss the plan with your colleagues. Here you can opt for fire training program. Take fire drills seriously.
  2. Careless handling of matchsticks and cigarettes is one of the main cause for fire death, so keep an eye on smokers. Here again signage’s such as NO SMOKING boards as well as fire safety posters can play important role
  3. Do not throw any flammable chemical rashly, properly dispose them off
  4. Make sure any electrical appliance that you are using is ISI approved. Do not tuck loose wires in socket. Have a habit to switch off and unplug appliances after use..

What to do if injuries are there?

If there are small burns then keep affected part under running water for at least 15 -20 minutes. Never rub ice or apply ghee or butter on burns.

Keep first aid box ready at your workplace for such emergencies. If burns blister then immediately, see a doctor.

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