Chemical safety: Key duties of employers and employees

  1. Make entire list of the chemicals in your workplace.
  2. Know chemical storage location & manage right level of inventory.
  3. Know about the risks they pose.
  4. Make preventive action plans & identify corrective actions to be taken where controls are lacking.
  5. There are rules & instructions for employers and employees to perform under the relevant health and safety law.

Employers are required to:

  1. Determine which hazardous substances are present in the workplace.
  2. Assess the risks to employees and others from the presence of these hazardous substances.
  3. Preventing exposure to the hazardous substances to as low a level as is easily practicable. Have arrangements in place to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies.
  4. Provide information, training and consultation to employees.
  5. Make available health surveillance to employees.

Employees also have duties.

  1. They must: Co-operate with their employer e.g. follow procedures.
  2. Make optimum & appropriate use of control measures e.g. using extract ventilation where provided, and report any defects.
  3. Report any defects in plant/ equipment immediately to the employer as appropriate.
  4. Report any accident or incident which may have resulted in the release of a dangerous chemical/substance into the workplace.

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