Can 5S help in better business performance??

Generally 5S is considered as a standard for housekeeping but the intent of the technique is far beyond. 5S is a culture which supports implementation of good practices across industry. 5S culture supports discipline, systematic working, clear visibility, transparency, analysis of the data, monitoring & control towards achievement of business excellence.

5S technique which is originated from Japan focuses on waste elimination and better business performance achieved through joint efforts of all team members. 5 words “Seiri”, “Seton”, “Siso”, “Shiketsu” and “Shitsuke” is a progressive methodology for cultural improvement across the entire company. 5S is a mindset to build a good organization to improve the overall Profitability and Prosperity of the company for better future and Sustainability.

Many organizations across the globe have recognized 5S as an effective tool for creating a platform which complements achievements of business targets. 5S methodology ensures standardization of processes, knowledge transfer & teamwork. For any kind of business, managing multiple variables is very critical. These variables can have adverse or positive impact on overall business performance. In such dynamic situation, only a good culture where every team member is responsible and accountable is essential. Such cultural change can be brought by means of company wide 5S implementation.

The basic fundamental of 5S is clear visibility at the facility including manufacturing plant and office as well. There are multiple processes such as Production, Tool management, Purchase, Stores, Quality Assurance and many more which are considered within the purview of 5S implementation. Many companies face problems in implementing 5S at manufacturing plant than at office area. At the same time, effective implementation of 5S at manufacturing plant offers quick and major benefits in terms of Profitability through Waste Elimination or Reduction.

Knowing the fact that “Measurement is the First Step in the Process of Improvement”, it is very much necessary to build a facility where the measurement of individual process performance indicator is supported and also the authenticity of the measured values is undoubted. The effectiveness of 5S implementation can be enhanced by means of training, motivation and involvement of the team members.

Visual management is considered as a best method for effective implementation of 5S at the company. Various displays can be implemented at the facility to create awareness with regards to Safety, Quality, Productivity which are considered as basic parameters for business performance at the manufacturing sector. The concept “Seeing is Believing” is actually implemented to make entire team aware on performance indicators and also the status of their achievement. Visual management helps in changing mindset of each team member and make him/her think always in the interest of the company. This creates a good culture where all the members work towards a common goal. The displays for creating a Visual Factory include but not limited to Area Identification Boards, Safety Posters, Safety Signs, Quality & Productivity Posters, Motivational Quotes, Performance Monitoring Boards etc.

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