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Leadership management is quite an interesting topic—number of books, articles written on this subject is proof of this fact. In spite of the amount that has been published, a controversy about the difference between leadership and management and whether one is more important than another remains as it is.

For example, many experts believe that skills and personality traits necessary for management and leadership roles are fundamentally different. It is quite rare to find these in the same individual.

Others contend that leadership and management are more akin to distinct processes or roles with different objectives. Basically, the objective of management is to bring order, stability and consistency whereas the objective of leadership is to drive innovation and change to lead the team. Installing leadership posters on various business management skills can promote and boost employee morale.

Integrating Leadership and Management

As per the research on flexible adaptive leadership finds the distinctions to not be particularly helpful for either leaders/managers themselves or the HR professionals who are charged with developing leaders/managers.

In today’s competitive and changing business world one is required to have the traits and skills of both management and leadership. This requirement is through all levels of an organization. It is because in today’s complex world, leaders/managers must be able to simultaneously attend to three factors that impact organizational performance:

  1. Efficiency—maintaining high levels of productivity and quality, being cost effective, and achieving deadlines in producing/delivering products that are high quality.
  2. Adaptation—responding in appropriate ways to threats and opportunities by taking action or finding ways to acquire necessary materials and resources; and
  3. Talent—building trust and respect with, improving the knowledge/skills of, and providing motivation to employees to keep them committed to the organization.

Traditionally, managers tend to put emphasis on efficiency, and leaders on adaptation. Every team needs to possess both management and leadership skills to succeed in all three factors that affect the overall organizational performance.

Strong management alone creates bureaucracy without purpose, while strong leadership alone drives change that disrupts operations without any practical improvement. In addition, an employee’s performance gets affected due to lack of continuity and consistency while a focus on operations can restrict inspiring employees to perform beyond expectations.

That’s why many organizations these days no longer focus on developing one group of people to be leaders and another group to be managers; In order to be utmost efficient managers should lead, and leaders to manage.

Creating Flexible Leadership

Successful leaders must be adaptive to skills from both the management and leadership disciplines. Every company expects high-potential employees to develop management skills and behaviors as well as leadership traits which helps them create a balance between efficiency and adaptation, while motivating and engaging people as need arises depending on the demands and challenges the business faces—while also avoiding clashes from conflicting goals.

Some of the competencies flexible leaders need to achieve this balance and avoid trading off one against the other include:

  1. Situational awareness —understanding the current situation and how it impacts the company business and the employees involved.
  2. Systems Thinking—knowing how various business systems are related and their interaction also forecasting the effects of changes to those systems on one another.
  3. Self-Awareness—objectively analyzing one’s state of mind and understanding how it affects their decision process.
  4. Ability to Involve and Empower People at All Levels—motivating all employees by including them in process
  5. Encourage and Practice Leadership by Example—modeling desired behaviors to avoid setting a “double standard” that could negatively impact employee motivation.

Need help developing flexible adaptive leaders? The best solution is to start building a development program to bolster your company’s future success. This can be achieved with the help of variety of business management posters on leadership skills, time management skills and motivational.

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