Auto-glow Signages: How to Use Safety Signs effectively?

A famous saying: “Better a thousand times careful than once dead” applies every bit to workplace safety.  Safety concerns are applicable not just to manufacturing units, workshops and the like where the employees or workers are at an increased risk of meeting with accidents because they operate dangerous equipment’s and tools as well as handle toxic substances or potentially hazardous in nature but also extend to office settings where ensuring the safety of employees is equally important. In fact, ensuring absolute workplace safety is by and large the responsibility of the office administration and management.

When it comes to taking adequate safety measures one often overlooks aspect of safety signage. It is considered to be one of the most effective precautionary approaches of preventing accidents from happening in the first place, in manufacturing and construction industry.  This blog focuses importance and need of buying safety signs, auto-glow signages for their respective workplaces to improve the safety of their workers and employees.

•      Remembering signs are easier

The human mind has a natural tendency to register and remember things that it has read in one of its corners. The designers of safety signs at Kaizen India understands this natural tendency of the human brain to remember things—that it has read—to save lives.

•      To create awareness amongst visitors and newcomers on the job

A person who is absolutely new to an office setting or a manufacturing unit may not be aware of the emergency evacuation plan as compared to all the other employees have stored in their minds in case of an emergency situation. A company visitor or a new employee may not know where emergency exit is located or which way the alternate stairwell is. Auto-glow Safety signs installed all over ensures everyone—whether a new employee or an existing one—know their way about in case a fire breaks out or a natural calamity hits all of a sudden.

•      To prevent injuries

Auto-glow signages is a part of Safety signs that are used as a precautionary measure to avoid workplace injuries and fatal accidents. Sometimes at the end of long and hard working schedule, even an experienced worker tend to throw caution to the winds, and becomes inattentive or over-confident of knowing the work site/machines inside out which may result into deadly accidents and gravely injure themselves in this bout of fatigue and restlessness.  As per the detailed studies and reports, the presence of safety signs at strategic locations or wherever necessary warns and helps these fatigued-workers, bringing them back to a state of complete alertness and averting the possibility of getting injured while at work.

•      Serves as a life-saver

Safety signs save lives, period. Undoubtedly a safety sign alerts and instructs a person to watch out for any kind of danger. For an example, a driver on the road who needs to cautioned of a diversion that lies ahead or a worker at chemical industry and welding site who needs to be reminded that wearing eye glasses is mandatory. Hence a safety sign have saved lives of many workers and continue to do so efficiently.

•      To adopt to an effective and affordable safety measure

Last, but not the least, Kaizen India safety signs must be used because they provide all of the previously mentioned benefits at an affordable price! Needless to say, Kaizen India auto-glow signages is the way to go and what every buyer—whether on a stringent budget or an overwhelmingly lavish one—would prefer at the end of the day!

Installing safety signs at workplace will not fulfill the aim of less accidents and a safer workplace. It is extremely important to make sure the signs are effective and placed at right locations for to be read by all passers-by to meet their intended purpose of safer workplace and environment. Following tips help make safety signs really count and be effective:

  1. It is very important to ensure that the safety signs are easily understood and very comprehensive at the same time.
  2. The placement of the sign plays a major role. Safety sign should be placed intelligently as unnoticed safety sign or an auto-glow signage that is unable to grab the attention of the passers-by is a complete waste of money and efforts put towards building a safer workplace.
  3. The use of easy symbols also matters a lot.
  4. The font size of the safety slogan should be big enough to be easily read even from a distance.
  5. Use of auto-glow safety signages ensure that they stand out—especially on the roads at night time in order to alert drivers.

Kaizen India Safety signs are available in all Indian regional languages—from Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati to even Kannada and Telugu. There are different kinds of auto glow safety signs such as signs to locate fire exits and signs used on the highways to alert all drivers to even safety signs with slogans to alert people to wear protective eyewear or follow personal hygiene.

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