9 ways to keep yourself Safe at your Workplace

There is always a chance of danger due to accidents at any workplace. It is important for the organizations to adopt safety measures and train their employees. Employees are required to be reminded about the dangers that might occur at a workplace every day.

What is safety training?

In easy words, safety training is teaching your employees on how not get hurt or injured during working hours. This training can be provided with the help of workplace safety posters. The goal of this safety training is to develop an environment where health and safety of the employees is a first priority. Any company is legally bound to protect their employees from any kind of workplace danger.

In this blog, let’s have a look at top 9 safety workplace measures every employee should adopt to keep themselves safe from any kind of hurdle. Some of these measures are:

  • Always keep an eye on your surroundings:

Keep an eye during working hours as that will keep you away from any kind of incidents. This will also enhance your work performance. If your work is somewhere around machinery then always being alert and keep both your eyes and mind open while operating.

  • Keep your posture correct:

Backache is a common problem during work. If you have a desk job from 9-5 job, then it is must to keep sitting in a way that your shoulders are in line with your hips in order to avoid back problems. If you have to pick something, then make sure to use correct posture. Management should ensure to provide their employees comfortable chairs.

  • Take breaks:

Avoid sitting at one place for a long period of time, instead take regular breaks and walk around. Workplace injuries are quite common when the employee is tired or feel fatigued. Taking breaks can refresh you on the job, and lets you work in a better way. Try to work on difficult tasks in the morning when your concentration is at the peak.

  • Use machines properly:

Management must teach their staff how to use the tools and machines properly in order to avoid any hurdle. Employees have to take proper measures while using machinery and tools. Using machines and tools the right way will reduce the chances of workplace injury. Machine safety posters can educate workers to carry out tasks safely.

  • Emergency exits:

Every employee in the company must know about all emergency exits in that building or a plant. Also company need to ensure that these emergency exits are easy to reach. One should have clear access to shut off in case if you need to stop them from functioning in case of emergency.

  • Report unsafe conditions to management:

Management can install HSE posters which will teach employees on unsafe working conditions. Employees must be on alert during work and if they find any mishap report it urgently to the duty supervisor.

  • Stay sober:

Alcohol or drug usage is strictly prohibited in the workplace. If any of the employees find using drugs or alcohol during working hours then management can fire them immediately. This awareness can be created with help of workplace safety posters.

  • Reduce stress:

One should avoid giving a lot of work to any one employee. Too much work stress can lead to concentration problems which will affect the work quality. A common cause of workplace stress includes long working hours, job insecurity, workload, etc., One must discuss workplace stress with their supervisor and ask them for help.

  • Wear the correct equipment:

If a worker fails to wear right equipment while working on machines, then it increases room for accidents and injuries. Employees can be instructed with the help of HSE posters to highlight the importance of wearing PPE to avoid workplace injuries. Based on your job profile, it is compulsory for you to wear safety equipment’s  like earmuffs, earplugs, hard hats, gloves, safety jackets, face mask, etc.

It is the duty of the top management to take care of every safety measures at work in order to avoid any possible workplace injuries. Frequent training sessions through tool safety posters, height safety posters and machine safety posters will highlight the importance of being safe while at work. Following these simple safety instructions play a major role in maintaining workers trust on the company and they in return able to work in a better way.


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