Society Beautification Project

As a member of any society / complex, every individual resident family has a dream home concept in mind. In most of the cases, although having neat, clean and well furnished house/office, the resident family or office owners are not 100% satisfied as the overall society/complex area is not very inspiring and presentable.

Safety, Cleanliness and Good Area Identification Boards are the main parameters for any residential/commercial complex. At many places, it is noted that these parameters are not up to the mark inspite of good resident / office members.

Kaizen India has studied the root cause of this issue and started offering the complete end to end solution to the societies & commercial complexes under the project “Society Beautification Project”. The main benefits of this service are

  • Creation an ideal residential / commercial complex
  • Better presentation to visitors and members of the society
  • Enhancement of safety and cleanliness through awareness of individual society member.

SBP is a turnkey project where Kaizen Team offers complete solution of visual management. Kaizen India Team follows an effective methodology to make the entire project value adding. The sequential activities are :

  • Initial visit to the society/complex – Site visit for initial review (Identification of area identification boards, signages, posters and other visual management products appropriate to the society / commercial complex)
  • Submission of proposal
  • Execution of the project (Designing area identification boards, signages & posters and installation of those boards and other visual management products)

Kaizen is pioneer in Society Beautification Projects and delivered services to many societies/ commercial complexes and feedback from the clients is remarkable.

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