Kaizen India is a leading Indian company offering Visual Management Solutions to industry and business houses across the globe.

Visual Management:

In the current fast moving world, it is very important to create awareness and make a team member understand the specific instruction in shortest possible time. Visual management system at the workplace ensures following:

  • Enhanced work culture
  • Easy and fast understanding of the concept and instructions by individual team member
  • Better presentation to customers and visitors
  • Disciplined and Systematic way of working
  • Better growth prospects and sustainability

What is Visual Management?

Kaizen India adopts the basic fundamental concept “One picture is worth 1000 words”. It is proven that colours / pictures / images speak faster and effective than words. The best example in day to day life is traffic signal. Just by display of different colours, the entire traffic in any city or a country is managed. The signal RED colour gives instructions to a car driver to stop the car. The process of giving these instructions and understanding by an individual takes hardly fraction of seconds. This effect is not possible by any other means such as verbal instructions, written instructions etc.. The display is a very effective and powerful tool in visual management at multiple places including factories, corporate offices, public places, on roads etc. Kaizen India believes in the basic fundamental of visual management and develops value adding products for the entire world.

Kaizen India has started the journey of developing excellent visual management products in year 1999. Kaizen India is instrumental in creating safety awareness and also awareness on good business management practices since year 1999, Kaizen India has a good and dedicated team comprising management experts, designers and artists with the backup of complete state of the art facility.

Considering the overwhelming response from the clients, Kaizen has started “Factory Beautification Projects” for industries and offices. Kaizen India takes up turnkey project which includes initial review, identification of visual management, and submission of proposal and execution of project. Kaizen India team visits the company and complete the project end to end.

Kaizen India is recognized for its Product Quality, Innovative ideas and Customer Focus which makes it a leading Indian Company in the field of Visual Management across the globe.